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Ultra-wf water filter

New ULTRA-WF Frigidaire PureSource Kenmore 46-9999 Electrolux Compatible Refrigerator Water Filter -3 Pack

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  • HIGH EFFICIENCY & HEALTHIER WATER - Activated carbon block removes chlorine, taste, and odor. Does not remove beneficial minerals. 
  •  COMPATIBLE WITH- PureSource ULTRAWF refrigerator models by Frigidaire, French Door & Side by Side, Kenmore 469999, 242017800, 242017801 and more. Ultrawf water filter is located in the top right corner of your fridge. If your current filter has 2 pins on the top this is correct product for you.
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PureLife Filter Frigidaire
$16.99 per filter (Limited time offer) $46.95 per filter
6 Month Filter 6 Month Filter
20-120 psi 30-100 psi
34 - 100 °F 33 - 100 °F
200 Gallon Capacity 200 Gallon Capacity
0.75 GPM Flow Rate 0.5 GPM Flow Rate



After you replaced the filter the light go off?
How many gallons is this rated for?
Ultrawf water filter is rated for 200 Gallons
Ultrawf water filter Installation: 
1. Turn Off the ice maker by raising the wire signal arm.
2. Remove the filter by pushing on the end/face of the filter.
3. Slide the old water filter cartridge straight out of the housing and discard it.
4. Using the alignment guide, slide it gently into the filter housing until it stops against the snap-in connector at the back of the housing. BEFORE SLIDING NEW FILTER IN,  MAKE SURE THAT ALL 4 O-rings ARE FIRMLY IN PLACE.
5. Push firmly until the cartridge snaps into place (you should hear a click as the cartridge engages the snap-in connector).
6. Turn On the ice maker by lowering the wire signal arm.
7. Press and hold the Water Filter button on the Ice & Water Dispenser control panel for three seconds. When the display changes from Red to Green, the status has been reset.
8. After replacing the water filter and in order for the ice maker to work properly, it is necessary to clear air from water filter tubing. Once ice maker begins making ice, allow the bucket to fill completely, then discard the first TWO FULL buckets of ice. It will take at least two days to completely fill the bucket on regular ice aking mode or 1 1/2 days on fast ice mode.